Business Coaches Vs Sport Trainers

Business Coaches Vs Sport Trainers

Running a business is one of the common investments people make to capitalize wealth, or their human capacity and knowledge. When you start your business, any decision you make must be pro-profit, whether that be monetary, prestige or personal satisfaction.

A sayings that is true for business success is ‘no man is an island.’ You may have the best of business ideas, but sourcing from others is always beneficial. A business coach is your option for creating business ideas beyond what you may already know.

Profiting from the knowledge and skills of other persons is not exclusive to business. In physical fitness, a trainee seeks the professional expertise of a personal trainer in order to benefit from exercise. In other words, a personal trainer guides you to making the best use of your workout for your physical fitness.

Business Coach versus Personal Trainer

From the foregoing, we may deduce that a business coach and a personal trainer are alike in that they both offer know-how to bring profit to the client and make sure each of their client’s receives an ROI. In this article, we compare aspects that may be similar or different between a business coach and a personal trainer.

  • Money vs physical fitness

A business coach will guide and help you run your business by clarifying the goal and vision of your enterprise and placing it within your broad personal goals. By doing so, you ensure business success and eventual monetary profit.

A physical fitness trainer prescribes exercises for a trainee and offers instruction towards doing the exercise for physical benefit. At the school of the trainer, the trainee sets goals that the trainer motivates him/her to achieve in view of optimum physical fitness.

  • A reflective mirror

Through their expertise, a business coach holds a reflective mirror for the business owner. In other words, the coach puts the goals in front of the entrepreneur to point out what is working for or against the set goals.

Just like a business coach a personal trainer acts as a reflector to show areas of success or challenge in line with the workout plan. In both contexts, the coach or trainer does not do the work for their client. They work with them to set goals and progress parameters upon which they offer feedback.

  • Similar vision

Even though both the business coach and the personal fitness trainer do not do the work for you, they must have the same vision as their client. If a business owner has the goal of doubling his business produce in the current year, the business coach needs to have the same vision while offering guidance and critique to the businessperson. Similarly, a fitness trainee intending to build more muscle and burn more fat in a week’s workout plan commits the personal trainer to the same vision.

  • Certified with experience

The best guide is one who offers instruction from first-hand experience. Expert business coaches are not just certified for their job but speak about what they have seen work for them. This works as an insight for their clients. In fitness training, teaching by example is key. You do not want an unhealthy and unfit coach telling you what exercise suits your workout goals.

  • Team versus individual

As with the first comparison, this last aspect compares a differentiating characteristic. A business coach, even though hired by a business owner or manager, targets the achievement of a goal that relies on a team. Hence, any suggestions or critiques are directed to a group. A personal fitness trainer is concerned with the realization of an individual’s workout plan. Even though he/she may deal with multiple clients, each trainee’s goals are addressed in isolation.

In Summary

While the business coach may be likened to a personal fitness trainer in some aspects such as challenging the client towards a goal, sharing the client’s vision, and working on the credit of certified experience, the two are different in the goals they focus on.

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