Safeguarding your business online

Safeguarding your business online

Every day we do things to safeguard ourselves and our companies, we apply sunscreen to protect ourselves from sunlight; we take out insurance for our health, homes, automobiles and company; and we watch the news to keep up-to-date on current issues and events. Exactly like putting on sunscreen once we go out on a sunny day, protecting our online information should become part of our regular day-to-day activities.

Keep friends close

Take protecting your business seriously, don’t discuss passphrases or keep sensitive company or client data on computers beyond your control. Administrators need higher access privileges than ordinary users so that they can undertake activities that may impact several users or business processes. Prevent software that provides standard users with the same access privileges as administrators. Moreover, workers should have individual access credentials for every company systems (not shared credentials). Your company information is a valuable commodity. By restricting that access on a need-to-know foundation, you lower the possibility of an insider’ accidentally or maliciously releasing confidential information.

Lock down your computers

You keep your house and office free of pests, do the same for your business systems. Having antivirus software that is updated frequently is a good start, and setting Did you know that cellular telephones and tablet computers may provide access to a piece of sensitive business information? Insist employees lock them with PINs in case of theft or loss and Limit company information stored on them. Treat any network Your business does Not control as insecure, especially Wi-Fi. Educate your employees to be wary of Plugging unknown USB drives in their computers since these drives may contain viruses. For work and individual activities. By you or other members of your household as you or they surf the net, play games or Undertake other tasks online.

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